Cameron McLain Songs for Lovers.png


by Cameron McLain

Photo credit, Brendan Dunne of Vogue. This is a collection of a few of my songs some of which have been featured on the Discovery, Nat Geo, and History Channels. For more tunes, you can check me out on Spotify or check out my new project Vector_XING.

“Wild-Child,” the first single off Vector_Xing’s debut EP, is an expansive, wildly ambitious track that takes listeners on a tour of the band’s many capabilities." (Pigeons & Planes)

"An eclectic gathering of pop tunes anchored by McLain's rich, accented baritone. Keepers include "We Are Dancing", "Empty Diamond Graces", personal favorite "Blue Darkening", and "Down the Rabbit Hole." Looking forward to more from Mandala." (The Daily Post, NY)

"Never sounds like it's the first trip to the plate for this young songwriter… Sophisticated and eclectic soundscapes, interesting guitar work, and immediately memorable songcraft... A beautiful marriage of music and words" (The BykeRack)